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Department of Mathematics and Statistics Programmes.

Postgraduate Programme

Master of Science in Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography (ITCC)

The Department of Mathematics launched the Master of Science in Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography (ITCC) programme in 2004. The programme aims at exposing students to areas of mathematics used in the transfer, storage and security of digital information.  The widespread use of information technology in areas like banking,  e-commerce and mobile telephones has increased the need for experts with an understanding of how these systems work. There is also an increased appetite to hack digital information.  Students on the programme are equipped with the mathematical techniques used to counter such attacks. They study Error-Correcting Codes, Information Theory, Cryptography and Data Compression over a period of three semesters. They spend the fourth semester doing related research. Students also implement various information security protocols using C++ programming. Over the years, the programme has proved attractive to students from various backgrounds including computer science, mathematics, physics and electrical engineering. At present, the deparment also offers a PhD in Coding Theory.

Undergraduate courses

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