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Department of Physics and Electronics Courses.

Available courses

General Physics I (PHYS 1101)
General Physics II (PHYS 1201)
Electromagnetism (PHYS 2301)
Classical Mechanics I (PHYS 2401)
Classical Mechanics II (PHYS 3501)
Device and Analogue Electronics (PHYS 3502)
Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics (PHYS 3503)
Quantum Mechanics (PHYS 3601)
Digital Electronics and Design (PHYS 3602)
Circuit Theory (PHYS 3603)
Nuclear and Particle Physics (PHYS 4701)
Signals and Systems (PHYS 4702)
Optoelectronics and Photonics (PHYS 4703)
Solid State Physics (PHYS 4801)
Communication Physics (PHYS 4802)
Introduction to Medical Physics (PHYS 4803)