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Department of Tourism Studies.

Welcome to the Department of Tourism


To provide high quality tourism education, training and research and complimentary services in partnership with the tourism industry, to meet the political, social, technological, and economic needs of the tourism industry, individuals and communities in Malawi.MISSION
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Leading Tourism and Hospitality in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The department of Tourism has a purpose-built state-of-the art infrastructure at Dunduzu Campus along the Mzuzu-Karonga M1 road. The facility has modern classrooms, conference centre, Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar and Travel Agency Office for students’ training. The Department offers a number of programmes in different modes including face-to-face, ODeL and Weekend Classes.

The Department of Tourism was opened in 2007 as one of the two maiden departments in a newly founded Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management. With only 20 students, the Department has seen tremendous growth in the number of applicants as well as admissions into its programmes which has also grown from one to four. As pioneers of BSc. Tourism education in Malawi. With ten year of service excellence in the tourism education sector, we are dedicated to ensuring that the right crop of students enter onto the tourism job market in Malawi and abroad.
The interplay of staff enthusiasm, expertise, dedication to service quality and good relationship with the industry, empowers our students to develop professional skills relevant for the industry with confidence to deliver. Our department emphasizes diligence in teaching, student experience and constant contact with the communities we operate in.