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Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Programme.

Bachelor of Science Fisheries is a four year degree programme.

Courses Offered Under the programme.

Level One

Semester II       

  • General Biology I
  • General Chemistry I
  • Mathematics I
  • Physics I
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Introduction to Fisheries

Semester II  

  • General Biology II
  • General Chemistry  II
  • Mathematics II
  • Physics II
  • Communication Studies
  • Fresh Water Ecology

Level Two

Semester III     Semester IV       
Plant Form and FunctionGeneral Chemistry IIIMathematics IIISurvival Communication SkillsLimnologyFish BiologyAnimal Form and Function Fisheries Environmental ChemistryIntroduction to StatisticsIntroduction to EconomicsIntroduction to Genetics

Level Three

Semester V      Semester VI       
BiochemistryFisheries EconomicsFisheries StatisticsFisheries ManagementIntroduction to Aquaculture IBiostatistics and Research MethodsFish Processing and MarketingPopulation Dynamics and Stock AssessmentIntroduction to MicrobiologyTropical Ichthyology

Level Four

Semester VII     Semester VIII     
 Aquatic MicrobiologyGeographic Information Systems (GIS)Fisheries Management IIFish Breeding and Hatchery ManagementStudent Field Attachment and Project Ecological ModelingFish Diseases and ParasitesFisheries Extension and DevelopmentFish Nutrition and FeedingStudents Research Project