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Department of Built Environment key research areas.

The department is engaged in research and tailor made short-courses on the below areas.

  • Regional & urban planning policy and development control.
  • Property market analysis
  • Water and sanitation and environmental health.
  • Land tenure, gender and development.
  • Urban waste management.
  • Urbanization, informality and poverty.
  • Transportation, planning and management.
  • Land information system and land reform in Malawi.
  • Transformation parameters for Malawi survey network to modern system –WGS84.
  • Climate change, livelihoods and adaptation.
  • Facility maintenance and  management
  • Geographical information system (GIS) and its application in decision-making, natural resources management, urban management and mapping
  • Urban agriculture
  • Land surveying and mapping.
  • Impact assessments
  • Property valuation
  • Construction supervision
  • Property market analysis
  • Land tenure studies
  • Property investments, financing and development advice
  • Provide professional advice on development and planning services

Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (Urban Ark) Research Project: a global research programme funded by DfID/ESRC to reduce disaster risk in urban sub-Saharan Africa by breaking cycles of risk accumulation.
DAAD funded Staff-Student Exchange: Project with NuertingenGeislingen University (HFWU) to benchmark urban and regional planning programmes at the two universities
Bolstering Resilience to Cross border Disasters:  Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineers, this project is led by University of Greenwich, UK, and addresses preparedness and action against cross border disasters in Malawi and Mozambique.