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Department of Geographical Sciences

Background Information

The Department of Geo-Sciences is in the Faculty of Environmental Science. It was established as a Geography section in the year 2000 under the Department of Humanities (comprising of Geography, History and Theology and Religious Studies) under the Faculty of Education. In 2007, it was made a full Department of Geography & Earth Sciences when it split from Department of Humanities. The Department was renamed Geosciences Department in 2018 to encompass all activities related to man interacting with the Earth in all forms of development including urbanization; population and resources; disasters and mitigation; climate change and mitigation; aspects of  geologic environment; and mineral resources exploration and mining. This move was undertaken with the view to placing human livelihoods at the centre of exploitation of Earth resources. Hence, the environmental issues would inherently be embraced. 


Functions of the Department

The core functions of the department are:

  • Prepare students for professional teaching in geography with the view to ensuring proper delivery of content to secondary students.
  • Prepare students for postgraduate studies in various fields of study in geo-sciences.
  • Carry out research and consultancies that would deepen understanding and applications of geoscience theories.
  • Conduct outreach programmes that would provide awareness of the public on how geoscience theories and processes affect human activities and the environment.

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