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Department of Governance Peace and Security Studies

  1. Vision

An academic department of excellence, responsive to knowledge, training, research and skills gaps in governance, peace and security studies for various institutions and management bodies in Malawi, the region and beyond.

  1. Mission

To provide high quality education, training, research and complimentary services that promote good governance, culture of peace and security in Malawi and the region.

  1. Values

Respect for visionary leadership, professionalism, transparency and accountability in Governance and Security institutions.

  1. Brief Profile of the Department

The Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies (GPSS), formerly known as the Centre for Security Studies, began offering security sector training and education in 2007 under the assistance of the Southern African Defence and Security Management (SADSEM) network. Initial training programs in the form of executive short courses focused on three core areas namely; civil-military relations, security sector governance and parliamentary oversight of defence and security. These programs have benefitted over 500 security sector personnel, legislators, media practitioners and civil society organizations among others.

Since 2009, the Department has been running a Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies program, which has trained over 150 graduates to date. The program has grown over the years and has proved to be the most important professional training program for all security sector officer and managers in Malawi. It’s multi-disciplinary nature has made it attractive to candidates from all backgrounds within the defence and security sectors in the Malawi and beyond.

GPSS has emerged from a faculty restructuring process which Mzuzu University implemented in 2017. This process resulted into the creation of a Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in order to bring all elements of social sciences under one roof. Thus, in January 2018, the Centre for Security Studies (CSS) transformed into GPSS within the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences. By focusing on governance, peace and security studies, the department brings together the disciplines of political science, public administration, public management, and peace and security studies under one roof in such a coordinated and coherent manner that allows for development of knowledge through parallel academic programming. At the same time, the department benefits from the cross-breeding of these sub-disciplines through generation of high quality research. This allows the department the flexibility to introduce more dynamic academic programs for both generic and upgrading students, thereby increasing the competitiveness of Mzuzu University.

  1. Current Programs

The Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies (GPSS) currently offers two programs in Security Studies namely; Diploma in Security Studies (2 years), and Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies (2 years). Graduates of these programs are equipped with professional knowledge in transferable skills in security sector management in order to enable them to handle emerging challenges in the security sector with regard to public safety and security, national security management, conflict prevention and resolution, counter-terrorism, diplomacy and international relations, intellectual property rights, security sector reforms, among others. The programs target middle and senior management from Police, Defence, National Intelligence Services, Immigration, Correctional Services, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Fiscal Management Services, Media, Judiciary and civil society organisations working in the field of peace and security.

These programs have been designed as full-time programs, hence you will have to plan to take some time away from your duty station to study at Mzuzu University. Plans are underway to introduce more flexible delivery modes of the programs, and this will be made know to all our stakeholders once everything is in place.

6. Programs of Study

Department of Governance, Peace and Security Studies continues to offer the upgrading programs as follows:

  1. Diploma in Security Studies
  2. Bachelor of Arts degree in Security Studies
  1. Research Themes

The department has research expertise in the following broad themes:

  1. International Migration trends
  2. Security and Development
  3. Regionalism
  4. Human Security
  5. Conflict management
  6. National Security Architectures
  7. Electoral Processes
  8. Urban Governance and Democratization
  9. China-Africa Relations
  10. Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Analysis
  1. Activities

Besides delivery of academic programs the department offer short courses in various areas such as:

  • Security Sector Governance
  • Parliamentary oversight of Defence and Security
  • Gender and Security
  • Civil-Military Relations

The department is also engaged in various collaborative activities with its partners namely;

  1. Southern African Defense and Security Management (SADSEM)

Activities under taken with SADSEM

  • Gender review of SADSEM executive courses
  • Policy advice in various countries
  • Instrumental in the development of the National Security Policy

Annual Security Dialogue Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is also a key partner

  1. Southern Africa Centre for collaboration Peace and Security - www.saccps.org
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