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Mzuzu University (MZUNI) was modelled on the principle that it should be self-sustaining and less dependent on the Government budget. Accordingly, the Mzuzu University Act (1997) entrenched the establishment of the Mzuzu University Trust and the creation of a Board of Trustees in Section 13 of the Act. The Trust was endorsed by the Government of Malawi through a Trust Deed of May 5, 1998. It is a tool and legal mechanism through which Mzuzu University can enter into business and commercial dealings and transactions with both the public and private sectors.

Purpose & Rationale

Mzuzu University Trust is to mobilize resources and generate additional revenues that would enable Mzuzu University operate reasonably smoothly even when public funding is inadequate. This effort is also to complement the institution’s own initiatives in sourcing additional funding, equipment and other teaching and learning materials.

There has been a reduction in public funding to Mzuzu University over the past few years while the demand for student enrollment continues to grow. Recurrent costs and development expenditures are always on the increase to cope with the continued growth of the University while the financial sources and revenues are declining in real terms, resulting in a widening financial gap.


The Mzuzu University Trust Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees. The composition of the current Board of Trustees is as followsMr.

Haroon Sacranie

Inkosi Mtwalo

Dr. Mahomed Iqbal Gelu

Prof. John Kalenga Saka – Vice-Chancellor

The Trust Secretariat is headed by a Trust Fund Manager, Mr Mbachazwa Lungu, who is the Secretary to the Board of Trustees.

Vision, Mission and Core Values


A self-sustaining Trust and Mzuzu University


To mobilize resources through networking & investments for the smooth operations and development of the trust and mzuzu university

Resource Mobilisation

In line with our functions of diversifying and expanding our resource base to support achievement of the Mzuzu University Strategic goals and plans, we have embarked on a number of initiatives to support this drive, among them:


Investments in business ventures either or self-financing mode or partnerships with other investors;

Group Formation

Formation of the group known as “Friends of MZUNI” to assist in resource mobilization;

Production and sale

Production and sale of MZUNI memorabilia such as branded T-shirts, golf shirts, wrappers, pens, hand sanitizer and other items

Collaboration and coordination

Collaboration and coordination with the MZUNI Alumni, both locally and in diaspora, to support resource mobilization (create link for MZUNI Alumni registration and information);

Imaginative Solutions

Launch of the annual MZUNI-Industry Forum in October 2019;
Launch of MZUNI annual fun walk

Investment in pine

Investment in early maturing pine and eucalyptus trees at Choma – 12,000 seedlings already planted in Jan 2020 in partnership with Weather Chasers Association of Malawi and the Rotary Club of Mzuzu. We are targeting to plant a minimum of 30,000 seedlings annually;


The Trust is forever grateful to all our partners for all the generous donations, both in-cash and in-kind, and many others who have contributed to the Trust and Mzuzu University. From time to time the Board of Trustees and Council of Mzuzu University will continue to appeal for assistance from well wishers wherever they may be because the needs of the University are many.

Students Scholarships

The Board of Trustees established the Mzuzu University Students’ Scholarship/Loan Fund (MUSSF) in 2015 with the aim of raising funds to assist bright needy students. In 2015, approximately 80 students, who had been selected to pursue their studies at Mzuzu University, withdrew due to lack of tuition fees. Hence the establishment of this facility by the Board of Trustees.
The fund is a revolving facility to enable as many students as possible to benefit and ensure its sustainability, awards are not free handouts; but rather refundable by awardees i.e. awarded in form of loans. 58 students have so far benefited since inception in 2015. All students are eligible to access this facility as long as they satisfy the following conditions, among others: a) provide evidence of being needy, b) proof of good performance/grades and c) the student must be of good character.

Other scholarships secured by the Trust and Mzuzu University to assist needy students include the following:

  • First Capital Bank Limited (FCB)
  • MedHealth Limited
  • National Bank of Malawi Limited
  • Standard Bank Limited
  • The Soko Fund (Scotland)
  • William Henry Jones Scholarship (Canada)
  • Alimahommed Hassan Trust Scholarship
  • Carol Borg (Blessings & Moses Memorial Scholarship – USA
  • Alicia Lepard (USA)
  • Dr. Rochelle Holm
  • Kayo Watanabe Support Fund (Japan)
  • Malawi Commonwealth Scholars in the UK
  • Medic to Medic
  • CHAI Scholarships
  • HEST Scholarships
  • Luke International Scholarships
  • Edith Mtila Scholarships
  • Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust
  • National Aids Commission Scholarship
  • World Learning and USAID Scholarships
  • David Livingstone Scholarships
  • Barwani Msiska Scholarships

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