Directorate of Research and Publications

Research is one of the core functions of the University. All research activities in the University are coordinated by the Director of Research who is the Principal Officer in charge of research. The University has a Research and Publications Committee which receives and considers research proposals from members of academic staff and provides research grants for research activities. Research findings are presented and then published.

A student searching for reference material During her final year research project

Research is key

Research contributes to the quality of teaching in the University and vice versa. It also results in the creation of new knowledge which has to be disseminated to the public for the purpose of improving societal well-being and spearhead development. As such the role of the Directorate of Research is to encourage both staff and students in the University to engage in research and produce scholarly publications. The University is building up a collection of such scholarly publications.

Prof Fanuel Kapute

Research Director