Department of Projects and estates.

The Project and estates
department is responsible
for all estates projects policy,
management supervision
and reports.

Management of Mzuzu University’s facilities, housing, utilities, infrastructural development, and maintaining the registry and records of both landed properties and facilities.


To efficiently manage land, property and all built facilities of Mzuzu University to contribute to the success of the University’s Mission and Vision.


To provide, maintain, maximize use of the current physical facilities, develop and redevelop existing land resource, facilitate acquisition of quality infrastructure and resource to enable the university attain its mission and vision of providing a quality environment and professional service to support and facilitate learning, teaching and research activities”


The overall objectives of the Estates Department are to:

  • Develop and facilitate development of required infrastructure.
  • Become involved in the early planning stages of new projects to ensure that maintenance is recognised and costed.
  • Protect the fabric and services of the School’s buildings to maintain their asset value.
  • Provide a professional and pro-active facilities management service.
  • Improve communications with staff and users.
  • Benchmark infrastructural activities and services with National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), and international tertiary institutional facilities’ requirements.


Projects and Estates Department aims to achieve this Mission Statement by abiding to the following pillars:

  • Quality – ensuring provision of best quality goods and services
  • Efficiency – balancing the output of goods and services and the available resources.
  • Economy – minimising the cost of resources required or used having regard to the appropriate quality needs.
  • Effectiveness – the results in line with projected intentions.


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Top Members of Staff

Mrs Kambalame

Mrs Kambalame

Projects and Estates Manager

Mr E Nyirenda

Mr E Nyirenda

Projects and Estates Officer