Saka Family donates food items to needy students

Mzuzu University students got a timely boost on February 18, 2022 when Mrs Linda Saka and Family donated various food items to cater for 100 needy students.

Speaking during the handover of the food items, Mrs Saka said she was aware of the challenges needy students face.

“God commands us that whatever little we have should be shared with others. It’s not that our family has a lot but we are doing this in the spirit of sharing. From my past experience as an administrator at the University of Malawi and the current situation of most university students, I know that a lot of them struggle to access the basic needs,” she says.

Mrs Saka said the society can make a huge difference if we cared for each other.

“Sometimes we might ignore the challenges people face but it is always important to remind each other the importance of caring for each other. We should always be concerned when our neighbour has nothing to eat. Even students should learn to share the little they have with fellow students,” she said.

Mrs Saka said helping students today will benefit the society in future.

“You never know who will help you tomorrow. If you care for others today, you can change someone’s life. Today we are sharing this and tomorrow it is you who will help others too,” she said.

Mzuzu University Registrar Yonamu Ngwira said there was no better time than this to donate the various food items to students.

“On average, the students spend about K50,000 to pay for accommodation and on top of that they need money to buy food and other items. What you have given the students today will go a long way to support them especially this time when they are sitting for their examinations,” he said.

Ngwira said despite students accessing loans and other scholarships through the established systems, not everyone has access to such facilities.

“There is still a gap and you have made this donation at the right time. On behalf of the University, I would like to thank you for this donation. It is quite impressive that after retiring from your administrative work in higher education, you are still passionate about students’ welfare,” he said.

Mzuzu University Students Representative Council (MUSREC) President Cephas Maganga thanked the Saka Family for the donation.

“As students’ representative, it is painful to see our fellow students struggling to find food. A lot of students come to our office seeking help but we count on well-wishers. Today is a special day for the students’ community and I would like to thank you on behalf of my fellow students,” Maganga said.

Mrs Saka was accompanied by Mrs Mulwafu, Mrs Chitawo and Mrs Ngwira. The items donated were 100 kilogrammes of sugar, 120 packets of milk, 100 loaves of bread, 100 packets of tea, 100 kilogrammes of rice, 100 kilogrammes of maize flour, 100 packets of soya pieces, 120 packets of salt and 100 pens.

Mrs Saka being assisted by Mrs Mulwafwa donating items to the students’ representatives
Team photo

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