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Department of Chemistry Courses.

The Department of Chemistry provides undergraduate learning opportunities to students in both face-to face and open, distance and e-learning modes. Postgraduate degree studies at masters and PhD level in various research areas of chemistry are also provided in the department. The Department will train you to think in a logical, analytical, innovative, technological and creative manner.

Our four year undergraduate BSc degree includes studies of the five major disciplines in chemistry; namely, Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Environmental Chemistry. Students also study Materials and polymer chemistry, Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Food chemistry and Chemical Toxicology, Chemistry entrepreneurship and Green Chemistry. The department has worthwhile laboratory facilities where undergraduate practical work and postgraduate research are conducted. The uniqueness of our undergraduate programme is that it provides entrepreneurship skills to ensure that our graduates can also be self-employed (start their own chemical industries). In our undergraduate programme, there is a shift of focus to train students to acquire chemical knowledge and skills that is required in agriculture and food industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries, renewable energy sector and environmental chemical analysis.

Our postgraduate programmes provide students with cutting-edge expertise through in-depth studies necessary for development of advanced research skills that could lead to new developments in the field of Applied Chemistry and chemical sciences. The programmes are designed to address the needs of modern knowledge-based industries, where the need for applied scientific skills is being driven by expansion of high-technology industries such as pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy, environment and advanced manufacturing.