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Department of Chemistry Academic Members of Staff.

J.F. Kamanula

Associate Professor

PhD, Environmental, Analytical and Natural Chemistry, MSc, BSc

E.M. Wanda

Associate Professor

PhD, MSc, Environmental Chemistry and Analytical chemistry, Materials and Polymer Chemistry + Nanotechnology BEd

L.C. Gulula

Senior Lecturer & HOD

MSc, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, BSc (Hons)

F.F. Masumbu

Senior Lecturer

MSc, PhD(Candidate)
Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Bsc (Hons)

P.M. Luntha


MSc, Organic Chemistry + Natural Products Chemistry BSc (Hons)

C.S. Luhana


MSc, (PhD Candidate) Physical Chemistry + Materials and Polymer Chemistry, Bed

R. T. Chiposa

Senior Lab Technician

MSc, (PhD Candidate)

J. Kabango

Lab Technician

BSc, (MSc. Candidate)

A. Kondowe

Lab Technician

BSc/(MSc. Candidate)

E. Manda

Lab Assistant

Advanced Diploma

F Banda

Lab Assistant


Department Secretary