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Department of Water and Sanitation Programme.

BSc in Water Resources and Sanitation

The BSc in WRMD and BSc in Sanitation are 4-year Generic programmes and 3-year Upgrading programme. It is a blend of science, mechanical and civil and irrigation engineering. Under the BSc in WRMD Programme.

MSc/Ph.D In Water Resources 

The following are some of the Modules covered under MSc/PhD in Water Resources:

  • Water Resources Management;
  • Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Water Resources Planning and Management;
  • Water Supply (Water and Wastewater Engineering);
  • Watershed Management;
  • Water Quality and Treatment;
  • Water for production;
  • Ecosystems;
  • Remote Sensing and GIS Modelling for Water Resources;
  • Solid Waste Management;
  • Wastewater Treatment and Faecal Sludge Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Research Methods;
  • Research Project (Dissertation).

MSc/Ph.D, Dipl and Cert. in Sanitation

MSc/Ph.D, Dipl and Cert. in Sanitation 

The following are some of the Modules covered under Dipl, Cert and MSc/PhD in Sanitation:

  • Sanitation;
  • Sanitation Systems and Services;
  • Sanitation and Public Health;
  • Analysis of Sanitation Flows;
  • Sanitation Technology;
  • Sanitation Governance;
  • Sanitation Financing;
  • Behaviour Change and Advocacy;
  • Emerging Sanitation;
  • Leadership; Project Management;
  • Teamwork Skills Development;
  • Research Methods;
  • Research Project (Dissertation).

career opportunities

Our BSC degree programmes are aimed at preparing students for the challenges of designing, promoting and implementing solutions for application in society’s rapidly-changing and growing water demand. Graduates will have a fundamental understanding of water science, Sanitation and a sense of social responsibility for the implementation of sustainable water solutions. We endeavor to provide career ready water science graduates for various water and environmental science fields. At Faculty level (Environmental Sciences), our graduates are trained and engaged in applied research in water resources and sanitation and provide professional services to the communities in Malawi and beyond.

Upon completion of our postgraduate programmes, students gain relevant skills and knowledge for them to work with many organisations. Our postgraduate students can among others be employed by government departments, private sector, industries and NGOs in the following areas:

  • Water Supply,
  • Water Resources,
  • Hydropower,
  • Water-Sanitation-Hygiene (WASH),
  • Environmental Management,
  • Waste Management,
  • Sanitation Entrepreneurship,
  • Irrigation.

The graduates can also be recruited in academics or establish their own Research & Consulting Firms.